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You have a business and an online presence with a strong website.
But if it is not maintained, then it's difficult!

Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance mainly talks about cross checking your website for any issues and updating it frequently. This way, you can keep your website healthy, encouraging and SEO-friendly which will enhance your Google rankings eventually.
Website is to be maintained frequently to retain customers. Regular monitoring is mandatory for running your business hassle-free.

It's very common for startups or established business,
“Why do I need Website Maintenance?”

Now, here is the twist!

Maintenance for your website is mandatory. Now whether you opt for weekly, monthly or quarterly depends upon the size of your business. Now here are some crucial aspects of why you need Website Maintenance.

Scheduled Backup

Scheduled Backup Activities

Taking backups is an important aspect of every maintenance process. Based on the requirements, it can be done weekly or biweekly to ensure all the data are restored in place.

Software Update

Software Updates

Complying with the software updates will open doors for more business expansion by making your website full fledged. Once you start updating the software regularly, you will start enjoying new opportunities every time.

Seo Boost

Boost your SEO efforts

Why do you take your business online? Because you need to target beyond geographical boundaries and get more clients. SEO makes it possible for you, and if you do not follow the SEO trends and updates, you will be washed away by competition.

Security Hosting

Website Security

It is a very important and crucial aspect of maintaining your website consistently. In cases where your websites are on Wordpress, Wix, etc., the high chances of security breaches are to be addressed, as it would be dormant for you to not maintain them frequently.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

If users are not able to find what they want on your website or if there is a lot of static content on your website, it will outdate the information on the website, which will eventually pull down your traffic. Hence, it is important to adapt to your customers' behavior and tweak the website when it's necessary.

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Interesting Facts

  • More than 70%

    of Websites take longer than 10 seconds to load

  • More than 70% websites run on outdated software
  • Moreover, more than 90% websites have security risks

Why do you need to maintain websites with us?