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Instant Website Traffic and Quick Lead Generation through PPC

Competing with your competitor is a tough game, isn't it? But there are many ways out - one most important is the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or the Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising.

It's time to boost your lead, increase your revenue and get more website traffic. Don't know where to start? Get a Free Consultation Today

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is the one of the top ways for you to target your audience swiftly. You can reach out to them when they are looking for you and gain a foot ahead of your competitors.

Why Should You Opt for SEM Services?

SEM is the other side of marketing in contrast to the SEO Services. Here, you get instant results and get quick visibility and brand positioning through paid marketing and advertising services. Let's dive into a bit more about SEM Services and its needs

Checklist for PPC Campaigns?

Are you already running campaigns but not getting results? Then it's time for you to use this checklist and compare where you lag

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Search Engine Marketing

How do we help you with Search Engine Marketing Services?

What's Included in our paid Advertising Services?

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Ad Copy and Design

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Full PPC Audit




Consulting & Reporting

As an experienced SEM agency based in Coimbatore, we at Appac can assist you in strategizing the high performing PPC campaigns management for revenue growth.