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Etiquette of Digital Marketing Consultant

Etiquette of Digital Marketing Consultant

April 15, 2022

Here are some of the best practices we follow

  • Act as a marketing consultant in doing the best practices and helping the client in taking decisions.
  • Get into their business, Have deep conversations understand their needs & wants.
  • Constantly do R&D in improvisation of their Product or services in the digital stream.
  • Know their grey areas and create an actional strategy by conducting in-depth analyses from their existing setup and target group.
  • To Maintain workflow mentioned in the contract with desired productivity. Use scrum to evaluate the daily work.
  • To build performance marketing and create high yields from the ROI, At the numbers don’t speak much its only the results. These are trigger points to build confidence with the client.
  • Bring innovation to the client domain, make mistakes and learn quickly.
  • Google & Social are not alone the only source to generate traffic & leads. There are multiple touchpoints to brand and create an impact on the audiences.
  • Do Competitor Analysis and improve market share, keep ahead of the competition
  • Keep the Evaluation matrix and present the actuals with key performance indications at infrequent intervals to gauge your travel and performance.
  • There are various tools available for project management. Have a structured flow to Monitor the growth.
  • Build transparency and share access to the data with the client. Good practice for long-term engagement.